The company was established in 2011, is the promoter of the Project QREN FCOMP-02-0203-FEDER-031761. The investment project STRONG EXPORT is aimed at the creation of an innovative industrial unit in the context of the production floor at the national level, where a strong bet will be made ​​in the production of self-cleaning decks, photo luminescent, water repellent, as well as solid floors and compounds.

With this project investments aimed , will be acquiring diverse production equipment, product diversification, investment in the digital economy, energy efficiency, computerization, internationalization and quality assurance of the company, including through the ISO9001:2008 quality certification were awarded Chain Management Responsibility considered the benchmark FSC.

The FCOMP-02-0203-FEDER-031761 project started on 06/01/2013 and is intended to completion at 12.31.2014.